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1.Welders -method 135 (CO2). -10pcs.

  Welding square tubes (profiles) with a thickness of 1 to 5 mm, wire mesh with a thickness of 6mm steel plates with  thickness up to 12mm.Samo xray. Permanent job!


  Welds subject to review! excellent pay

  Welders solid wire

  Welders cored wire

2.Welder by method 141 TIG - 5pcs.
 Welded pipes are black u-30 and u-70mm.Na pipes are welded knee and then attach themselves to the collector. Work in    enterprise and welds are performed on frame (device).

3.Seamstresses - 6pcs.

  Operating Is associated with production of clothing. Work rights maker and overlog individual manipulation. Long-term!

4.Builders - 10pcs.

 Working With plasterboard, tiles, mortar, plaster, masonry. Permanent job!

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