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Sincerely team Apolmont Ltd.

Currently our company is actively engaged in research in the field of employment mediation

throughout the Czech Republic based on the decision of the Ministry of Labour and Social

Case Ref .: MPSV-UP / 4332/15 / ÚPČR / 4 for granting our company a permit to broker employment for citizens of the Czech Republic and the EU.

Which means the job search for a person who is applying for work and seeking employees for an employer who is looking for a new labor force, employment

individuals for the purpose of carrying out their work for the user, which means another legal or natural person who assigns the work.

Employers offer cooperation in the field of workers from the Czech Republic and the EU in the form of loan employees when all insurance and tax returns done by our company. It is therefore a workforce mainly from the Czech Republic. However, we are able to negotiate different degrees of employee qualification according to your requirements. All of our previous employers are satisfied with our employees for their hard work, perseverance, willingness to work overtime, and thrift. Specific forms of cooperation like to arrange a personal meeting.

If interested, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!